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Kolping Brewing Klub

The Brewing Klub's purpose is to provide people the opportunity to brew beer. Brewing Klub was established by Kolping members, but is open to any person interested in learning more about brewing different types of beer. If you have never brewed before or would like to learn more, come check us out. Our brewing equipment is designed to create all-grain beers. The styles of beers that we have brewed are: an IPA, Kölsch, and Sweet Stout. At the present time meetings take place the second Sunday of the month, at Kolping Center to evaluate various beer recipes and determine next beer type, schedule brewing, discuss equipment improvements, and club needs. Sampling our latest beer is a requirement. Picture of the equipment and meeting times are posted on Facebook. Our regularly scheduled brewing is the fourth Sunday of the month at Kolping. In time, the club will hold lectures on the art and techniques of brewing, sponsor beer tastings, and attend local German events to share our love of beer. If you would like to get on our email mailing list or would like more information please email us at brewingklub@kolpingcincinnati.com. Our motto: Eat, Sleep, Brew, Drink, and Repeat (Essen Sie, schlafen, brauen, trinken, und wiederholen)