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Kolping members interested in learning more about tracing their German roots are invited to attend monthly meetings to learn more about the process and to share their talents and skills with other Kolping members. Our fledgling Genealogy Group 12-month schedule covers a wide variety of topics.

We will meet usually on the third Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm for an hour to 90 minutes. The first part of each meeting will focus on a particular genealogy theme or topic using the internet and an overview of each topic. The rest of the time is spent one-on-one working with each other on capturing our information and expanding our skill sets. Review the table below and mark your calendars now to schedule your research and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members of Germanic origins. Documents used before and after each session are posted on this site as resources to share.

Please Check back reguglarly as dates may change.

Our Kolping Genealogy group may not be meeting for a while. Keep posted by visiting our website. I need to declare a “leave of absence” for an unspecified time and will be traveling west again to St. Louis to help care for an ailing brother. Your prayers are appreciated. Dr. Tom Montgomery, montgota@fuse.net, montgota@miamioh.edu, 513-969-5383

June 25, 2017 Military Records
July 16, 2017 Postponed Basic Charts and Forms (Getting Started)
July 30, 2017 Basic Charts and Forms (Getting Started)
August 20, 2017Postponed Family Books (Familienbuch)
August 27, 2017 Family Books (Familienbuch)
September 17, 2017 Civil Records
October 15, 2017 Postponed TBD Church Records
November 19, 2017Postponed TBD Census Records
December 17, 2017Postponed TBD German Resources on the Internet
January 21, 2018 Maps Google Earth
February 18, 2018 DNA: the New Genealogy!
March 18, 2018 Cemetery Records
April 15, 2018 City Directories
May 20, 2018 Passenger Lists/Emigration

Dr. Tom Montgomery, montgota@fuse.net, montgota@miamioh.edu, 513-969-5383

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