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Schützenfest 2017
July 21, 22,& 23

History of Schützenfest

Each year in the summer month of July, the Catholic Kolping Society of Cincinnati observes a quaint and interesting tradition that dates back 500 or more years. Weeks before you will see it advertised on posters as the Schützenfest--pronounced "Schitz-en-fest" (Shooting Festival) and hear it publicized over the radio and TV. This quaint old tradition was brought over from the old country by the German immigrants....(to read more about Schützenfest click here)

2016 - 2017 Schützenfest König and Königin
König Jay & Königin Carolyn Stupprich
2016 Kolping King and Queen 
2016 - 2017 Schützenfest Jr König and Königin
      Junior König Sam Courter &
     Junior Königin Abby Brunsman
2016 Kolping Jr King and Queen  
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