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Up Coming Events

3 7:30pm General Meeting
4 4:30pm Harvestfest
5 11:00am Memorial Mass/Goettafest
17 7:00pm Schuetzen Night
27 7:00pm Board Meeting (Dec)
3 11:30am Mass/General Meeting/Christmas Party
10 2:00pm Weihnachts Konzert
15 7:00pm Schuetzen Night
17 3:00pm Children's Christmas Party

Welcome to
Kolping Society of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Catholic Kolping Society is a non-profit organization that is a member of the Catholic Kolping Society of America. There are 12 Kolping Society which make up the Catholic Kolping Society of America. The Catholic Kolping Society of America is a member of the International Kolping Society. The International Kolping Society is the headquarters of all 2200 + Kolping Societies around the world.  We are all led by the vision of our founder:
Blessed Adolph Kolping. Father Kolping

 Blessed Adolph Kolping vision: To promote the development of the individual, the family (by fostering a sense of belonging), and friendship (through our holistic programs of spiritual, educational, charitable, and social activities) in a way that is relevant to our times.