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Tuesday Workers

Since around 1965, a group of mostly retired, dedicated and talented Kolping members have been meeting on Tuesday morning to maintain the facilities in and around the Kolping property. Currently, between twenty and thirty men and women participate in this activity. Indeed, a facility as large as the Kolping Center requires much attention. There is also a group of cooks who prepare a lunch for those who do the work of keeping the Kolping property in good condition. Prior to lunch, the gang meets in the newly remodeled Tuesday Workers’ Lounge for a beer and some Schnapps. Many of the crew then continue their duties after lunch.

These are but a few of the tasks that are managed by the volunteers.

Cleaning and maintaining the clubhouse
Grass cutting
Electrical repairs and maintenance
Cleaning and maintaining the grove area
Tree trimming and removal
Landscaping, mulching, flowers Assisting with maintenance of the soccer fields
Roof and gutter repair
Doors and millwork
Upgrades to the bar and hall areas
Painting and staining
Maintaining tractors and equipment
Set up and tear down for Schützenfest
Plumbing upgrades and repair
Keeping the bars stocked
Table and chair maintenance in the large halls
Carpentry work and construction projects
Trimming the many bushes surrounding the Kolping Center
Kitchen maintenance

As with any well-oiled machine, parts sometimes need to be replaced so we are always looking for newly retired people who can join the team. On many Tuesdays during summer, one can see the grandchildren of the workers assisting in the many activities. So it’s a situation of Grandpa giving his grandson a good lesson in life. Any time spent with Grandpa is priceless!

St. Joseph

As we pray to St. Joseph the Worker, we ask for guidance and strength to continue sharing our time and talents that are needed to keep Kolping strong.

St. Joseph the Worker is the patron saint of the Kolping Society. A grotto is dedicated to him to the left of the Kolping Center parking lot opposite the building.