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Fr. David Hiller Scholarship Fund

Effective January 1, 2019

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Applications for the Hiller Scholarship program must be submitted by March 15, 2024.


The purpose of the Fr. David Hiller Scholarship Fund (The Fund) is to promote Catholic Secondary Education in Greater Cincinnati and to encourage active participation in the Cincinnati Catholic Kolping Society. The Fund will support qualified Kolping families for assistance with their son´s or daughters Catholic high school tuition expenses.

Catholic High Schools included

All co-ed or single gender Catholic high schools located in the counties of Boone, Kenton, or Campbell in Northern Kentucky; the counties of Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, and Butler in Ohio; county of Dearborn in Indiana.


Any son or daughter of an active Cincinnati Kolping family enrolled in a Catholic high school is eligible. To be an active Kolping family, a family must document the volunteer service they have performed ( a goal of 100 annual service hours per family is expected) for each of the previous three years. Volunteer hours can be earned at any of the Society´s fund-raising activities, work projects, committee service or other Society-sponsored volunteer activities.


Scholarships or grants will be awarded based on an independent evaluation conducted by the Fund Administrator. Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need indicated based on a completed "Application for Fr. David Hiller Scholarship" form provided on a timely basis to the Administrator. Up to two (2) grants in the amount of $3,000 each will be awarded each year. Scholarships are renewable for each of the student´s next three years providing the student achieves at least a “C” average and the student´s family continues to be an active Kolping member and continues to demonstrate a financial need as indicated by completing the "Application for Fr. David Hiller Scholarship". The Administrator will notify the student of a one semester probationary period if less than "C" performance is detected.

For school year 2024-2025, The Fund will award up two grants each in grade 9, and renew grants for grades 10th, 11th, and 12th.


The scholarships will be funded annually from the earnings and new contributions to the Fr. David Hiller Fund. The amount of the new grants each year will be subject to the earnings and new money contributed each year.


Students seeking to qualify for the Fr. David Hiller Scholarship need to complete the "Application for Fr. David Hiller Scholarship" and submit it to the Administrator as well as a copy of their previous year´s Federal tax return and student´s grade transcript. Applications will be available in hard-copy at the Kolping Klubhaus or electronically through the Kolping website or the Administrator´s website. Applications should be submitted to the Administrator prior to the published deadline. The Administrator will evaluate the applications based on his experience of financial needs and, if necessary, communications with various high school counselors and financial aid administrators. After the above evaluation, the Administrator will submit a letter to the Kolping Scholarship awardees.

The Administrator

The Administrator function will be performed by "Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation" (CSF). See www.CincinnatiScholarshipFoundation.org .


New applications should be submitted in January or February of the student´s eighth grade year. The Administrator will review and analyze the applications and announce the awards by the end of the calendar first quarter. Timing may be adjusted to satisfy parents' need to accept school admission requirements.


This program can be terminated by action of the Fr. David Hiller Fund Board.

Click here for the Scholarship Application